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The Capstone Advantage

  /  The Capstone Advantage


Initial Consultation



Academic assessment (Optional)



Selecting the right tutor



Immediate and ongoing feedback

The Capstone AdvantageTM is our unique, client-friendly approach to helping you achieve your goals and consists of four simple stages.


Stage 1 – Initial Consultation – we make sure that the “tutoring mission” is well established before the programme starts and take particular care in working out exactly what the student’s requirements are as well as discussing your preferences and expectations. Consultations can be carried out over the phone, though most are done in person either at our office or at your home.

Stage 2 – Academic Assessment – if it is deemed necessary, we arrange for the student to be academically assessed. The assessor helps set realistic goals for tuition, and passes a thorough report to the tutor detailing areas that need the most work.

Stage 3 – Selecting the right tutor – the key to our service is getting a good match between our tutors and families. We choose an appropriate tutor, with the experience and skills to match the particular assignment. Capstone Education has a rigorous tutor selection process and we look to ensure that we put forward the very best candidate for each role.

Stage 4 – Immediate and ongoing feedback – we make contact with the parent and tutor after the first lesson to discuss the reactions of all parties and to see whether the stated goals are realistic or need adjusting. Furthermore, each tutor is required to submit a monthly report detailing the work covered, successes achieved and areas that need improvement.

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