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Residential Placements

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Residential Placements

Either during or outside of term time, residential tuition can provide essential preparation for exams or for entry to UK schools. Our high-calibre tutors can stay with or near families and typically deliver up to five hours of teaching per day, which can be mixed in with sports and creative activities. We provide a clear structure along with schemes of work complete with attainment targets, whilst keeping in close contact with families to check that the tutor placement is working.

We also provide full-time residential tutors for families who are home-schooling their children. Before the time when the majority of children were educated in schools, many families used tutors full-time to provide a rigorous education. This method of tutoring may be employed for a variety of reasons: children may live far from an appropriate school, be recovering from illness or require catch up work in new curricula to prepare for a new school. Whatever the situation, many children feel the benefits of home schooling in terms of having the freedom to learn in a supportive environment as well as the flexibility to combine their studies with leisure activities and trips abroad.

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