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We believe that one-to-one tuition is a uniquely powerful and effective way to learn. Well-planned lessons can provide children with a firm foundation on which to build their future knowledge as well as give confidence and understanding to those who might otherwise find their learning frustrating. Tuition can also stand as a challenging supplement to students who are working at a faster pace than their peers at school.

School Entrance

With ever-increasing competition for places at leading schools, preparation for entrance tests has become a key means of support for pupils. Individual tuition allows students’ knowledge and understanding to be extended and challenged far more than is possible in a classroom setting, providing a supportive environment in which learning can progress quickly.

Capstone Education is ideally placed to support pupils who aspire to achieve entry at the UK’s leading schools. Many of our tutors have studied at top Independent schools themselves and all have an excellent understanding of the various syllabi involved. Carefully-tailored tuition helps to ensure that pupils perform well in their entrance examinations. All subjects are catered for, including those needed for scholarship entry.

Public Exams

Our clients approach Capstone for tuition across the whole subject spectrum at GCSE, A-Level, IB and Pre-U. With tutors possessing a high level of expertise allied to in-depth knowledge of all exam boards (AQA, Edexcel, OCR and CIE to name but a few), students are offered an unmatched level of support. Supplementary tuition, ranging from a few hours a week to intensive sessions during the holidays, helps students achieve their potential and can support those who are struggling in improving their marks significantly.

Capstone also assists a number of students who are re-taking GCSEs and/or A-Levels. We are able to offer a bespoke yet extremely thorough educational programme either in the UK or overseas.

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