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Here you’ll find answers to some of our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find what you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the details below:

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Can the client specify particular attributes in a tutor?

Usually, yes. For instance, clients may insist on a non-smoker. Other attributes may include creativity, sportiness, musical ability, a love of animals etc. We try our utmost to get a good match between the family and tutor.

Can I contact your previous clients for references?

We show some testimonials on our website, but the clients who have supplied them are not contactable. We follow a strict policy of confidentiality and the clients we deal with wish to keep it that way. You would certainly be shown the references for each tutor we supply to you.

Do your tutors receive any training?

Although we don’t formally train all the tutors we represent (teachers and tutors with many year’s worth of experience do not need it), some go through a rigorous, on-going training programme delivered by experienced educational professionals. In addition to this training, we require all our tutors to keep up to date with any specific syllabus changes.  We also encourage them to attend workshops on maths and literacy teaching techniques, special educational needs, behavioural issues and study skills techniques.

Are your tutors DBS checked?

Of course! We ensure all our tutors have enhanced DBS checks so you can be assured that your children are in safe hands. We also have a child protection policy which can be found here:

How good are your results?

Our students often see dramatic grade increases, a product of one-to-one tutoring directed by our belief that every student can and should be considered individually. Each tutoring assignment is unique, tailored to the specific needs and aspirations of the student. We have no arbitrary benchmark grade increase that we would consider a satisfactory result. Nevertheless, judging by our testimonials, our students are overwhelmingly happy with their tutors, the learning experiences provided and their final outcomes. We also have an outstanding track record at school entrance exams and have prepared students for Eton, Harrow, Westminster, St Paul’s, Wellington, Tonbridge, Sherborne, Sedbergh, Cheltenham Ladies College, Dulwich College, JAGS, Sevenoaks, Old Palace, Whitgift and Trinity.

Do you charge a registration fee?

No, unlike with most agencies, there are no registration fees to pay.

How much does tutoring cost?

The starting rate for GCSE level and below is £45 per hour, at A-Level it is £50 per hour and at undergraduate level and above it is £55 per hour. Some of our more experienced tutors do charge higher rates (our most experienced charge £150 per hour). The average hourly rate at Capstone Education is £65 per hour. We bill on the first of every month and full payment instructions are provided on each invoice.


Many of our competitors charge a starting rate of £60 per hour.


You might be wondering: how are your tutors able to charge such low fees? Good question! Capstone Education takes an industry-low commission of 25%. Some of our competitors are known to take 50%! If the hourly rate is £65, then our tutor receives £48.75. For the tutor to receive the same amount at many of our competitor agencies, you would be charged close to £100. For this reason, we are highly popular with both tutors and clients: providing them with the best working rate, and you with the best tutoring there is.

How does Capstone Education operate?

Capstone is not a ‘finder’ in the sense that we do not make any margin upfront. Rather, we have ongoing relationships with our clients and remain available continuously to both the client and tutor throughout to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Do you offer a guarantee of results?

No. We do not offer guarantees. Learning is a complex process and examinations are designed to be challenging for even the strongest students. Many factors can affect the outcome of an assignment, including the duration of the assignment, the number of tutorials received, the student’s starting point and the amount of time each student spends studying independently. We aim to control these variables as much as possible whilst addressing any concerns throughout the process. We also monitor progress carefully (through testing, where appropriate) so that we can predict performance with some accuracy. Above all, we have a professional and personal commitment to seeing every student perform at his or her best when it matters most.

What are your standard terms of business?

Our standard contract is a multi-page legal document arranged in specific sections. We are more than happy to send our Terms to clients in advance.