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Why Tutors Love Capstone

Be part of an outstanding crowd

We work with the highest calibre tutors and that means being part of a passionate, talented and inspiring team.

Friendly, welcoming and efficient

By joining Capstone, you are joining our small but close community where we strive to offer a good team spirit and a culture of support and trust.

To us, our team of tutors is as important as our clients

It can be difficult to find loyal, trusted and high quality tutors so when we do, we do our utmost to keep them! Long-lasting relationships mean everything to us.

We work with a diverse range of students who are bright and want to learn

This keeps sessions engaging, lively and rewarding.

We’re passionate about making a difference

The most important outcome for us is that we make a positive impact on each child we tutor. It promises to be a rewarding journey.

What we look for

The clients that we work for have a choice of all the best tutoring agencies in London. The reasons they come to Capstone are twofold. Firstly, it’s the quality of the service that we offer, but mostly it’s about the quality of the tutors that we take on. Parents put the utmost trust in Capstone and we take this responsibility very seriously.

The service that we deliver to our clients has to be exceptional so we want to work with the brightest minds around. As well as graduating from Oxbridge or other Russell Group universities, our tutors have a wide range of skills that encompass interests such as music, theatre, travel and sports. Some are Masters and PhD students; others are entrepreneurs, lawyers or doctors. The common thread that unites all tutors is the ability to support, engage and inspire the students they work with.

We like people with:

  • Energy and spark who can relate to those around them
  • Integrity and dedication – a commitment to tutoring for at least an 18-month period will greatly increase your chance of a successful application
  • Teaching experience – either in the classroom or as a tutor
  • A strong academic record – as a minimum, either a high 2:1 or 1st in your first degree
  • A real interest in and enthusiasm for education

Application Process

To begin your application you will need to register with us online. This should take no longer than about 30 minutes. Click the Become a Tutor button below to start.

If your application is approved we will call you to the office for an interview. There will be four or five other potential tutors also being interviewed. We will explain how we work and ask you to give a short presentation on a lesson plan you will have prepared in advance.

If you are successful at interview you will then be able to log on to our system and apply for UK tutoring jobs. All non-residential tutoring jobs are listed on Tutorcruncher.

Be part of an outstanding crowd – get in touch today!