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Message from the Founder

Welcome to Capstone Education. I trust that you are reading about us because you are as serious about education as we are. Capstone has spent years developing and refining approaches for effective teaching, studying and learning. In this time, we have confirmed that there is no mode of instruction more powerful than tutoring – either one-to-one or as part of a small group.

Tutoring brings to the learning process an extraordinary measure of focus. Framed for the individual, every aspect of teaching immerses a student in an intensive yet nuanced and well-suited educational environment. Think back to the teachers who have had the most lasting influence on you; you may agree that they were the ones who not only spoke to you as an individual but also challenged you. In doing so, such teachers inspire not only the hard work necessary to succeed but also its attendant long-term rewards of academic and personal development.

“Most importantly, we not only strive for results success but want to help shape our students more broadly – we aim to build confidence, encourage intellectual curiosity and develop life-long skills to help form the leaders of tomorrow.”

My own work as a tutor is based on the philosophy that – along with clarity, concern and encouragement – a willingness to challenge is a hallmark of any excellent teacher. For Capstone tutors and students alike, there is a perfectly symbiotic relationship between this central belief and our experiences of success.

We look forward to working with you to make the most of your child’s education.


Rumel Rahman